Friday, April 27, 2012

So over the years I have come to realize my hatred for all news stations. This isn't just a 'Oh you don't support my political views' hate, it is a 'You only show the most depressing news and I don't want to be sad' hatred. Now I understand that most news stations have to report these stories and 99% of the time they are about a shooting or car accident or oil spill or high school students dying an untimely death but come on people! I have a plan to one day start a news station that shows only good news, whether it be local or from somewhere you've never heard of.

So here starts my journey. Im going to share with you some of my favorite good news blogs. They are touching and most focus around one kind of event; such as a soldier's homecoming or a marriage proposal.

First comes . Now I am a huge sucker for anyone in the military family. It doesn't matter who it is, if I see someone walking around the airport in camo I will start tearing up. This website showcases hundreds of military homecomings, from dogs being reunited with their owners to sons surprising their aging parents in nursing homes. It is so touching to see these reunions!

Secondly is the . It has tons of different proposals and the creative ways that future husbands find to pop the big question is so cool. It is amazing the length some men will go to for love!

Lastly (and most girly, sorry boys!) is . This website showcases the ways that expectant mothers break the news the their husbands, and families. It's so amazing to see how excited people get! Most people scream or cry or jump around or all three.

So if you need a pick me up, or like me you just love that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing other people ecstatically happy then check out these websites. I promise tears!